Improve Your Life

With Chiropractic Wellness Care!

Discover how you can work, play, exercise, sleep and travel with greater comfort and pleasure!

Boosting your overall wellness is at the core of everything we do for you and your family. “Wellness” is more than a buzzword; it’s a way of life that can help you stay active longer and feel your best. When pain and stiffness slow you down, or low energy leaves you feeling down, let us help you! Chiropractic Wellness Care includes a program tailored to you which includes regular spinal exams, adjustments and advise on healthy habits and nutrition. Wellness is being able to enjoy life without being burdened by pain, poor health or undue stress. Don’t wait until you’re hurting to call us. Just like a cavity starts long before the pain hits, when your health or body mechanics break down, pain is often the last symptom to surface

Chiropractic is PROVEN RELIEF for Shoulder Pain!

Your frozen shoulder didn’t happen overnight! Don’t make the mistake of ignoring your shoulder until you can’t move it. Your need mobility in your shoulders to wash your hair, get dressed, drive, reach and for most everything you do each day. Why suffer pain needlessly or give up your favorite pastimes like golf, tennis, working out or playing with your kids, because of a bad shoulder. Frozen shoulder, bursitis, arthritis, tendonitis, rotator cuff strain as well as other shoulder related conditions, usually respond well to our Chiropractic care. An issue with your shoulder can be felt in your neck or vice versa. So, we don’t Just zero in on your symptoms. We’ll do a thorough exam identify the underlying Cause and treat it accordingly. Even if you’re in dire pain, rest assured that Chiropractic adjustments are very gentle and controlled. Poor posture, soft mattress, computer use, heavy lifting, whiplash, sports injury or even a heavy purse can contribute to your shoulder pain. A study in the journal of American Chiropractic Association showed that Chiropractic patients who were treated eight times over a three-week period experienced significant reduction in their shoulder pain. Each patient is unique so let us find out how we can help you..

3 Phases of Healing


Within minutes of injury your body’s emergency response surrounds the area with blood and fluid. Painful swelling may last from 48 to 72 hours. The earlier you start your Chiropractic treatment the BETTER you will heal.

Your tissue begins to repair and regain function and strength. However the new fibers are smaller and prone to breakage. This phase can last several months. Chiropractic support is CRITICAL as your body begins to rebuild tissue.


Over several months, as the collagen fibers get thicker and stronger, they line up similar to the original muscle and ligament tissue. You don’t want these new fibers to line up over misaligned joints and restrict your range of motion. Our care is essential during this key phase of healing. During all these phases, our goal is to RESTORE function as close to normal as possible.

Chiropractic care should be a part of every Phase of Healing