Total Health Clinic
Stop guessing about your Health

At Total Health Clinic we see and treat a very diverse demographic of the BayArea, our approach reflects the needs and goals of each individual. Our patients' goals and lifestyle range from people who just want to be able to walk pain free, just want to stay free of stiffness and pain, keep their health up while they age, to the weekend warriors and Moms trying to keep up with the kids.

Total Health Clinic is more than just a Chiropractic office, we offer several other services such as:

Hormone testing for Men & Women
ASI-Stress testing
Thyroid testing
Wellness 50 Blood panels-for your overall health status
Prostate Testing
Hair Testing-Environmental & Heavy Metal
Amino Acid testing-Brain function, energy
Vitamin D-25 Hydroxy- Bone health
Cholesterol Testing
DHEA Testing
Wellness Exam-For over all Health
Vitamin supplements from various companies
Custom orthotics

When you come into our office the question is? Do you just want Chiropractic Care or Nutrition guidance or Both.You choose how you want to direct your health Dr. Dietrich will help with his expert knowledge in both areas to guide you to better health..So what ever your goals that you want achieve we are here to help you accomplish them. Dr. Phillip Dietrich has been practicing for over 30 years he enjoys getting patients back on the road again without pain or stiffness., just enjoying life again..
So if your new or have been to another Chiropractor and haven't gotten the relief you need Please gives a call you won't be disappointed. We will get you scheduled as soon as possible. We want all the people in South San Francisco/San Bruno, CA to receive the best possible chiropractic care so they can live pain free and enjoy their lives!
Call us today and lets get you going again..(650) 291-0709.... Plus we are open on Saturday's.....Lot's of free parking